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Brisbane House Renovations

Ascent Design and Build are a team of highly qualified and dedicated builders who delight in Brisbane house renovations and work in close cooperation with owners to ensure their building renovations Brisbane achieve everything you, the owner, have in mind.

Building renovations Brisbane is becoming increasingly important for two main reasons. The first being a growing wish among Queenslanders, and Australians in general, to preserve their heritage. This is also why Ascent Design and Build are specialists in "Queenslander" renovations Brisbane, that beautiful and comfortable house style that is so well suited to the Queensland climate.

Brisbane has lost many of its fine old houses, especially during the 1980s, when there was a rush of new "town planning" that saw many old homes demolished to make way for more modern constructions. 

The second reason we feel that you should use a good, local, experienced company like Ascent for your home renovations, is that the benefit a carefully planned ground floor extension or even a double storey extension can bring to your home, is in many ways immeasurable.

Most homeowners take pride in creating a safe, comfortable and attractive home for their families and many of us are happily settled-in with good neighbours in a neighbourhood we enjoy. We may need more bedrooms or just simply more room in the home to preserve that happiness. With the coming of children or when the children are old enough to need their own rooms rather than sharing, this can put stress upon the harmony in the home.

Or perhaps one of the parents now has the opportunity to work from home and having a dedicated office is so much better than working off the kitchen table. Mum will appreciate having her table back under her control and Dad will work more productively in a proper office environment. Or, as is becoming more common, there may be a need for both Mum and Dad to have a formal office at home. We all spend so much time on our laptops, iPads and the like, that having a comfortable space to do this is becoming much more important.

For the home worker, perhaps a covered deck or patio would be just the thing to create a pleasant and comfortable working area, out near the garden and in amongst the natural beauty that makes Australia such a unique and beautiful country.

As we all know, buying a new home and the stress and disruption of moving, can be a difficult time for everyone. This can be especially true if children have to change schools with all the heartbreak of losing daily contact with their friends. Perhaps the new house means a different drive to work that takes longer or would involve traffic problems.

A simple solution is to find a good home renovation builders Brisbane and discuss with them how to achieve your particular improvements. Gone will be the stress of selling your home; dealing with lawyers and property agents; the packing up of your life into boxes and then creating a new life in a new house.

Builder renovations Brisbane is a concept that might seem daunting to some people. Our team of quietly professional designers and builders will be able to suggest ideas and possibilities you might not have considered. Everyone's home is unique and you will benefit from having a highly experienced local expert who can offer you solutions that will improve life for the whole family. There is a delightful old Chinese saying by Confucius (who else!) where the last two lines say: 

If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation. 

When there is order in each nation, there will be peace in the world.

So there you go, think about how you can increase the contentment of your family and do your bit for world peace at the same time!

It is underestimated, or perhaps "understated" is a better word, the real value a good, happy home contributes to everyone's life: Confucius had a valid point. It can be depressing coming back after a hard day to a home that is not right for all the family. Maybe it is dangerous for the children to play on that splintered decking, and it looks awful; given another hard rain, the roof might start leaking, an expensive nightmare in anyone's life. Perhaps there is nowhere in the house to settle down and concentrate on that important online work. Fix these problems and you fix a whole range of other potential problems.

Do It Right

If you are interested in kitchen renovations Brisbane southside or renovations Brisbane north we can offer a carefully considered solution that will enhance your home, more easily win a buyers attention; increase its sales price and, more importantly, give you every day the pleasure of living in a beautiful and truly functional home. Ascent Design and Build have been providing attractive and practical solutions for the people of Brisbane for over 20 years. We know your area and we are familiar with the sometimes strange features that only a master builder Brisbane renovation specialist will notice. Those beautiful Queenslander houses have their own pecularities.

When considering Brisbane home renovations we strongly recommend that you check with Brisbane City Council to make sure that what you want to do does not fall foul of their "Dwelling House Code" (plus other complex regulations). We would also strongly advise you to employ qualified Brisbane renovation builders. While this is easy advice to give, the practicalities of carrying out this highly important task are definitely daunting.

That is why at Ascent Design and Build we will entirely remove the difficulty of this task. Building regulations are not the easiest of documents to understand and we can smooth the whole process, up to and including obtaining the necessary planning permissions on your behalf. We have an excellent relationship with Brisbane City Council. They know us and are very happy to work with us. This good working relationship ensures you get the life-enhancing renovations and improvements you need, while preserving the harmony of Brisbane as whole. And there is a uniquely satisfying feeling you get when someone comes to your home and exclaims "Wow! This is beautiful".

As G. K. K. Chesterton wrote about "homes" in his now dated but still interesting book "What's Wrong With the World":

 "It is the only spot on earth where a man (or woman, of course) can alter arrangements suddenly, make an experiment or indulge in a whim. Everywhere he goes he must accept the strict rules of the shop, inn, club or museum he happens to enter. [At home] He can eat his meals off the floor if he wants."

There is a freedom in our own homes we do not have anywhere else. We can dress as we please, eat as we please, stick our feet up on the furniture or play hide-and-seek with our children. There is emancipation in domesticity. It is the one area in life that we can make entirely our own, according to our own rules (local councils notwithstanding). Our home is the place where we go to relax and to be ourselves without worrying what other people might think. It is the place where we invite our good friends to come and enjoy our company, it is where we celebrate those family triumphs and have our family get-togethers. Why not have a ground-level extension so Grandma and Grandpa can have somewhere comfortable to stay without having to climb the stairs?

It is also a place where we can express ourselves completely. Some people have rooms dedicated to their peculiar collections; some have their houses painted completely in their favourite colours; some of us like to have traditional furniture and some like ultra-modern, minimalist homes. Our home is where OUR choice is the most important: where we can truly become the individuals we all are.

A free consultation with Ascent Design and Build can help you create this most important space. Let us share with you our experience and the fantastic ideas we have formed with our clients: turn that idle dream into a reality. A reality that will benefit the whole family and improve the neighbourhood.

We can see what other people have done with their homes and we are easily capable of taking advantage of that bit of spare space, that great view of the garden, that need for a granny flat when your teenager wants their own space slightly away from Mum and Dad and the rest of the family: and somewhere they can crank the music up without upsetting the home or the neighbours.

We will take the same pride as you in our creations and we excel at building: 

  • Lovely Leisure Decks
  • Delightful Home Renovations
  • Practical Ground Floor Extensions
  • Picture Perfect Patios
  • Happy Home Extensions
  • Terrific Top Story Extensions
  • Inspiring Pergolas
  • Comfy Granny Flats
  • Peaceful Retreats

We always use the most efficient building materials for the job in hand and build our creations to withstand our sometimes harsh and destructive climate. We will give you a structure that not only improves the quality of life for you and your family, but which will last for many, many years, thereby giving you excellent value for money. Our experienced team can save you the cost of hiring an expensive architect and satisfy all the local government regulations. We have a determined commitment to listening carefully to all our client's needs and wants.

It is amazing to think that during the home buying process some of us buy a new home after only one or two visits. You only really get to know a home when you have actually lived in it. It is only through this daily familiarity that we can see how, with just a little effort, our home can be improved, its value increased, or how it can become "bigger". Or perhaps just better designed, to suit our changing needs; and all without the expense, stress and disruption a house move will involve.

Here at Ascent Design and Build we understand that we are very much a part of the world in which we all live and we actively help create that world. So get together with us and help us make that world a more beautiful and satisfying place to live. We operate throughout the Brisbane area, call us today for a completely free consultation you will not regret. 

"He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

"A house is made with walls and beams. A home is made with love and dreams."
- Author Unknown.