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Building Extensions Brisbane

Where we live and sleep and eat is the most important location in our lives. It is in our homes we can truly live as we please; where we can behave as we like and express ourselves without thought of criticism.

Each of us, whether single or a family or a newly wed couple, contrives to make a unique home that satisfies our different characters. Some of us want to follow trends and have the latest designs and features which are shown on television and in magazines. Some of us do not worry so much about aesthetics and are wholly pragmatic, happy to create a home that is highly functional. Some of us live in happy chaos and some in beautified perfection. Each home is unique in its own way.

There comes a time, however, when we need more space, perhaps because of the arrival of children or when those children reach an age when they want their own space. Perhaps our children have left and we would like to convert a part of the house for our hobby. Maybe the weather has taken its toll and now is a time to renew. Whatever the reason, Brisbane house extensions should be thought through carefully and discussed with a professional. 

Ascent Design and Build are local specialist home extension builders Brisbane. We know the area extremely well after more than twenty years of making attractive, safe and durable Brisbane home extensions. 

During all our many years of building house extensions Brisbane we have developed an extremely efficient process to assist our customers design the best solution that is just right for their unique home. Building is in many ways more than an art: one definition states that art is "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination." Which is fair enough, but here at Ascent Design and Build we also have to ensure the creation is safe, able to withstand wear and tear and Queensland's sometimes harsh climate and that the structure conforms to the plethora of regulations that apply to home extensions Brisbane. We must also create something that not only looks beautiful, but which must also fulfil your particular desires and practical requirements.

Obviously internal alterations can be done more easily than home extensions. Brisbane City Council has an intimidating array of strict regulations that must be applied to all house extensions. Brisbane is a beautiful city with many gorgeous homes and the Council is charged with maintaining an environment which everyone can enjoy. Of course there are also regulations covering health and safety and these regulations require specialist knowledge of building materials and methods which have to be applied in order to build successful Brisbane extensions.

We understand that all of this can be a daunting prospect when all you might want is a new garden shed or an adaptation to your car-port or covered patio. That is why we have developed our step-by-step "Design and Build Process". By following our organised and defined seven-stage process we can guide you through to the best solution for your idea in a friendly and helpful way that satisfies everyone, including the Council! 

Stage 1: Free On-site Evaluation - working together.

Our master builder and Ascent's owner, Mr. Bruce Parke, will visit you and listen carefully to your ideas and offer his very experienced advice. He will be able to enhance your idea and will probably suggest improvements that might not have occurred to you. He has over twenty years experience and has seen a great many good, and fixed some bad, extensions. Brisbane has a lot of very creative residents and Bruce will be able to share some of their great solutions with you. Not a bad deal for a free visit! 

Stage 2: Custom Concept Design - Ascent Build and Design do the work.

When Bruce is sure he understands every nuance of your idea the team at Ascent Design and Build swing into action to create a plan customised to your exact requirements. This plan is one of the critical stages in the process and as such carries a fee for the exacting work carried out to ensure there are no awkward problems later on. A standard rate of around $2,800 is the usual charge for this essential concept design plan that will ensure perfect Brisbane house extensions. 

Bruce Parke takes personal pride in ensuring each plan exactly meets each detail of your idea. He will examine every part of your requirement and will offer interesting alternatives to make sure you receive the best possible options to suit both your budget and lifestyle and make sure the extension truly complements and enhances your home.

Stage 3: 3D Walkthrough of your Design - working together.

There is nothing better than seeing your idea turned into a 3D walkthrough so you can get a real feel for how your idea will perform in real life. With superb accuracy you will be able to fine-tune your idea during this second meeting with Bruce.

Stage 4: Firming up the Details - Ascent Build and Design do the work.

Now that everyone has a clear vision of the end result and you have agreed the details of the design concept, Bruce will prepare a detailed cost estimate and report on the specifications of the building process. He will then discuss this with you so you completely understand the process and costs.

Stage 5: Contract Signing and Building Permissions - working together.

Once Stage 4 is agreed a fixed price estimate and a Queensland Master Builders Association (QMBA) verified contract is presented.

After this contract is signed Ascent Design and Build will then obtain all necessary permits and building permissions. This usually takes from two to four weeks.

Stage 6: Construction According to Plan - home extension builders Brisbane start work.

Bruce's building team are all master craftsmen who work exclusively for Ascent Design and Build. Each craftsmen has be trained personally to meet Bruce's exacting standards of professional work ethics and attention to detail. They therefore work to very high standards and completely understand that this is your home, a most important place.

We generally take about twelve weeks for the average extension. We go out of our way to ensure the absolute minimum of disruption to your life and more often than not our clients remain living happily in their homes during the build process. We always ensure this process is as friendly and as pleasant and efficient as possible. Bruce makes frequent visits to your home to make sure everything is proceeding as it should: he makes sure your extension is built to the high standards he applies to everything he does.

Stage 7: Successful Completion - All done!

At the end of the building process we tidy up and return everything to normal leaving you in peace to admire your valuable and attractive addition to your home. Time to celebrate and enjoy!

Here is just one comment from a customer who has been through our seven stage process and added value and beauty to their home.

"We would like to thank Ascent Design and Build for the outstanding renovation on our home. We are well and truly settled into our new space and wonder how on earth we managed so long without it!

Everyone at Ascent Design and Build whom we dealt with were nothing short of professional, courteous and helpful. The guys we saw on a regular basis were a pleasure to have around. With such a large renovation, one would think that there would be a huge disruption to our household and family. These guys put up with the barrage of questions, stories and entertainment from our children, every time with a smile on their faces! 

The tradesmen, Jono, Bob and Steve, the team of Carpenters, David the tiler, as well as the other guys who made the odd day appearances, were all fantastic!

And then there was the wonderful "fairies" who came and cleaned!!! Let me tell you, what a wonderful finish to the job!

We are happy to recommend Ascent Design and Build. Thank you."

– K & J Burke

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

We should all be aware of the environmental impact of our actions and take a responsible attitude to leaving our children a safe and beautiful world. A ‘sustainable’ building product is one that does not negatively impact upon human health, the natural environment or natural resources. It is worth noting that most of the energy associated with building come from mining the building materials and the subsequent production processes and transporting the finished products. For this reason we recommend the re-use of materials where possible.

Making an informed decision about construction materials will reduce the environmental impact of renovating a home and does not add to the overall expense. Here is some basic information about modern materials popularly used throughout Australia.

Brickwork and Blockwork: are components of resilient and long-lasting masonry construction. They are high mass with excellent compressive strength; this includes bricks and marble, granite, limestone or travertine stones; manufactured stone, concrete, glass, stucco and tile.

Cladding: is an outer coating attached to the outside of a home to shed water and protect the building from weather. Your choice of cladding can have a big effect on the environmental performance of your home. There are many options are available and each performs best in a particular situation, Bruce will be able to offer sound advice about this important decision.

Concrete slabs: conventional concrete produces high levels of greenhouse gasses. This detrimental impact is greatly reduced by using cement ‘extenders’, for example fly ash and ground blast furnace slag. Modern cements such as those made with geopolymers, magnesium and hempcrete also significantly reduce negative environmental impacts.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC): is concrete that contains discrete pockets of air making it very lightweight and able to provide excellent sound and thermal insulation. It is light, an excellent fire barrier, and supports heavy loads. It is easy to work and can easily shaped with everyday hand tools. AAC comes in blocks, wall panels, and roof or floor panels.

Mud Brick: an ideal building material would be ‘borrowed’ from the environment and is easily returned into the natural environment from where it came. If used carefully mud bricks come close to this ideal. They are made by mixing earth with water, straw or other fibres and then drying them. This ancient construction method still benefits the environment in today's modern world. 

Straw Bale: is another ancient technique. Straw is made from natural, renewable grasses and produces walls which are surprisingly resistant to vermin, decay and fire. The bales can be rendered with cement or earth and the final appearance can be either extremely smooth or textural for a more traditional look.

Bruce is more than happy to discuss these issues with you and advise you on what is the most appropriate way forward that suits both your budget and aesthetic vision of the finished extension.