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Why Are Decks So Popular?

Home upgrades, renovation and regular maintenance are all great ways of adding value to your property. One of the most cost-­effective and popular ways to do this is to build a deck. An outdoor deck creates a delightful space for hosting parties and events, lounging under the sun in summer or even having an outdoor Christmas party in winter. 

The three main benefits of adding a deck are practical and aesthetic, and financial. Practical and aesthetic, because you and your family will have an attractive, safe place to enjoy the outdoors. In smaller homes you will also have increased your living space. Financial, because a good quality deck will add to the overall value of your home. Ascent Design and Build have over 20 years of experience and an excellent reputation as reliable deck builders Brisbane.

All our designs are carefully agreed with you before work starts to ensure you receive exactly what you want, with the minimum of cost and with the disruption to your home-­life while the build process is completed, thus ensuring maximum value and happy use of your deck. We use the most appropriate and best quality materials and our expert team have made us a very trustworthy deck builder Brisbane.

Our Services

Our years of expertise gained as reputable Brisbane deck builders have equipped us with everything we need to deliver a comprehensive range of services to our clients. Whether it is planning a deck from your original idea, or simply producing a carefully designed decking blueprint, our team of experts can get the job done to your complete satisfaction. Ascent Design and Build believes in providing you with excellent service and a complete maintenance program to greatly extend the life of the finished product. We are proud of our extremely professional team who successfully provide deck maintenance Brisbane-wide.

Regular maintenance will preserve the quality and beauty of your deck and extend its effective working life. Whether you are looking for deck staining, washing or sealing, we can offer a complete range of services to meet your particular and unique requirements.

We are also happy to renovate your existing deck and give it a fresh, clean, professional look. Our deck renovation services include installing glistening new flooring material for your deck, giving it fresh colour and durability. We can also add fences or railings and even extend your existing deck by incorporating beneficial new design features. So if you are looking for deck renovations Brisbane, please call Mr. Bruce Parke, our owner, who will be very pleased to give you the benefit of his comprehensive experience.

Outstanding Quality

Our formula for providing you with quality service is simple, from the time of your initial consultation to the final delivery of your project, we exercise a professionalism, reliability and attention to detail which is always closely matched to your expectations

1.     Transparent Communication

Whether you are still researching your decking options or ready to add a new deck to your house, our team will assist you at each point in the process and keep you updated at every step. Because we always pay careful attention to our clients needs we are able seamlessly to direct the project from start to finish: our clients will always know what to expect at each stage of the project.

2.     Quality of Construction

The service offered by Ascent Design and Build is focussed upon safe, attractive and durable construction and finishing. We incorporate modern and effective techniques for decking Brisbane. We have huge experience of working with many different materials, ranging from all kinds of wood to composite and ecofriendly components. While maintaining these high standards and consistently good quality, we also offer the best timber decking prices Brisbane-wide.

Why Ascent is considered the best in Brisbane:

Imported, Treated Wood: To ensure your decking wood remains intact and flawless for as long as possible, we use high quality hardwood and H3 pine, either local or imported. The hardwood and H3 pine elements are treated to prevent rotting and to keep white ants and other attackers at bay.

→  Rust-free Fastenings: The nuts, bolts and screws we use are made from rust-proof stainless steel. We also use hot-dip galvanized steel fastenings to prevent rust. 

Composite decking: Apart from timber decking, Ascent Design and Build also offer composite decking. We can either construct the decking from scratch or provide a range of cleaning and maintenance services for existing composite decks.

Complementary Deck Sealing: Once each decking project is completed, we clean the deck thoroughly and to seal its surface. We then apply "Intergrain 4", an advanced, water based, penetrating oil that resists UV, water, and abrasion. This service is provided free of additional cost to our clients.

Cleanliness & Professionalism: Ascent Build & Design believes in ensuring a smooth construction process for its clients. During each stage of the project and at the end of a day's work we take pride in cleaning up the work-site to minimise disturbance to you and your family and to keep everyone safe. 

Our Experts

All of our projects are carried out by our highly qualified and experienced team of designers and builders.

Personal supervision By Bruce Parke

When you agree a contract with Ascent your project will be personally supervised by Bruce Parke. He has many years of experience in carpentry, building and design which makes him one of the most experienced and qualified deck builders in the entire Brisbane area. Such bespoke supervision ensures the premium quality of your deck and complete peace of mind.

Consultancy Unique to Each Client

Our team provides you with solutions unique to your specific requirements. While tailoring a design for you, we keep your budget, lifestyle and your home’s architecture in mind. This results in a seamless, attractive extension that compliments and enhances your home.

Types of Decks

1.     Timber Decking

Timber decks are usually constructed from either softwood or hardwood, each having their own particular qualities: we specialize in both. Ascent Design and Build offers timber decking Brisbane at very economical prices. We supply you with the most suitable, excellent quality, natural timber with the finest finishing. Choose from a selection of Pine, Jarrah, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Ironbark, Stringybark and more.

You can also choose from an extensive range of grades, densities and colours. The timber is thoroughly treated in order to resist fire, termites and rotting. Our decking Brisbane prices are some of the most competitive in Australia. Whether it is a poolside

deck or a patio, let our expert team choose the best timber deck design Brisbane that is most suitable and which will give you years of happy use.

2.     Verandas

In addition to our decking services we also design and build verandas. If you are looking to add a roofed extension that also spills over the side of your house, a veranda may be the best choice. Verandas can be built from timber or composite materials and we offer both. Designs may range from curved or flat, sun-roofed, or gabled verandas, and we can even add a pergola. We are ready to design and build whatever is most suited to your ideas. Please contact us for more details.

3.     Pool Decks

Pool decks are very popular additions to a property. Such a deck creates a multipurpose area that you and your loved ones can use for hanging out, topping up your vitamin D in the sunshine, lounging and many other types of leisure activities. A smart and attractive pool deck adds a practical and happy additional space to your home. Pools decks may be created in wood, concrete and other materials.

A high quality pool decks offer safety and sure-footed slip-resistance and are aesthetically pleasing. Ascent Design and Build construct high quality pool decks which brighten up your living space while ensuring safety for you and your family. This is why we are one of the most highly recommended deck builders Brisbane Northside. Our construction techniques ensure that your pool deck lasts a long time, with a durable and attractive finish and hassle-free maintenance. In addition, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive maintenance program for new and existing decking.

4.     Deck Renovation

If your decking is now looking a little tired and worn and you want to smarten up your deck, we are ready to help. Our team will offer you the most appropriate remodelling advice and suggest interesting new ideas. We will guide you through the entire redesign process, at a very reasonable cost. Not sure if your deck needs some new floorboards or a complete overhaul? Let our team advise you and produce to best solution for the project.

5.     First-Floor Decks

Ascent Design and Build specializes in constructing exquisite first-floor decks. Imagine sitting on your deck admiring a stunning sunset. Or walking on a robust, weather-resistant deck in autumn, with a rainbow of leaves scattered about. We believe in

creating these rich experiences for you. We take pride in our expertise and quality when it comes to constructing first-floor timber decking Brisbane.

Contact our team to discover how to add a comfortable, attractive and safe deck to your home’s upper floor, providing you with a sheltered and relaxing experience.

6.     Patios & Pergolas

Patios and pergolas offer a cheerful, shaded spot where you can enjoy the natural beauty of your garden. These attractive additions will enhance a garden’s landscape and add convenience and utility. You can add your own seating to make room for outdoor entertainment, happy conversations and cosy al fresco meals under the starry skies.

We specialize in the construction of patios and pergolas using both natural and artificial materials. We create subtle yet elegant designs, often incorporating paving stones, brick and tile.

7.    Al Fresco Open--Air Decks

Open-air decks add additional space to your home. If your property has an area of land that is not used because of its gradient or unevenness, building a deck on the space is a great way of reclaiming your unused space.

Please have a look at our picture gallery and browse through the wide range of styles and materials which Ascent use in constructing excellent quality al fresco decks.

8.     Outdoor Boardwalks

Boardwalks can be used to connect different parts of your home, for example, your entrance deck to the patio. Boardwalks provide you with a safe, levelled surface to walk upon, especially over uneven or rough terrain. Our team can assist you, not only in the construction of boardwalks, but also in suggesting areas that may benefit from the construction of a boardwalk. We use high quality materials in constructing boardwalks which conform to all relevant building codes and standards.

9.     Custom Designs

If you have an unusual and unique idea for constructing a deck, or any other home extension, we can turn your vision into reality. Ascent Design and Build also creates stunning customized designs. Call Bruce and arrange for a free initial meeting to present your requirements and let our experience enhance and refine your idea.

10.  Roof Structures & Deck Roofs

We can convert your existing deck into a covered, shaded space by adding partial or complete roofing in the form of pergolas or other types of covering. Similarly, if you would like a roof deck, Ascent Design and Build can help.

Reach Out to Us

Ascent Design and Build is more than willing to help you add value and beauty to your home. To get a free quote, to find out about the whys and wherefores of a prospective future project, or simply pose a query, please use our contact form, or ring Bruce Parke directly on {0404 010 307}.

Your complete satisfaction is our guiding principle and we always listen carefully to everything you say to ensure we have a complete understanding of your requirements. Have a look at our gallery, or view our portfolio of completed projects, a visual proof of our high quality services. Read the many glowing testimonials left by our clients, further proof of our dedication to you and your home!