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7 Reasons for Renovating your Home

Renovating your home can bring your family many years of enjoyment and pleasure as well as increasing the value of your home as you add rooms for functionality, comfort and attractiveness.

Home remodelling and extensions add charm and fascinating aspects to your home, especially if you partner with a reliable design and build company to achieve the home of your dreams. Other reasons for renovating your home include improving the safety of your home for a young family and creating peaceful parent retreats…

1. Improving flow and convenience in your home

Making a few changes to the existing structure or spaces within your home is sometimes all that is needed to improve access to parts of your home that you are currently not able to use. A steeply sloping area of your garden may be transformed into a safe play area through the addition of a well-placed open air deck.

Redesigning the basic structure of your home can add functionality and flow. For example, by increasing the size of your kitchen and living rooms through removing non-essential interior walls and expanding a few metres with a ground floor extension, your home is made easier to live in, more comfortable and spacious.

2. Creating new living spaces without moving home

The disruption, displacement and financial worry of moving to a new home may be unnecessary when all that is really needed is a few extra rooms or a way to improve your existing home space.

Going up to make the most of a potential view over Brisbane is a popular way to create an entirely new living space. Double storey extensions can serve multiple uses, from being a peaceful parent’s retreat to providing a charming entertainment area with a first floor deck or a teenager’s self-contained suite.  

Simple home extensions like outdoor patios and pergolas are one of the best ways to create a new living space to meet the needs and wishes of your family without having to leave the home you love.

3. Boosting the intrinsic value of your property

Many more Australians are finding it preferable to relax, socialise and work from home.  New technologies and tremendous changes in the way work gets done while we take care of our families are guiding more and more home owners towards creating a home that reflect these lifestyle choices.

Adding a 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom granny flat to your property to use as a home office, to accommodate a young adult attending university or to rent for additional income can boost not only your pocket but also the value of your property in the long term.  

Remodelling and renovating your existing home with Ascent Design and Build can improve the value of your home not only dollar for dollar but can assist you in creating a useful income stream into the future.

4. Updating the look and feel of your home

There are numerous ways for you to update the look of your home, from giving it a quick coat of paint to remodelling the interior and garden to match or better the look and feel of other houses in your neighbourhood.

Other Brisbane home owners who have had successful home renovations completed by Ascent Design and Build know that a well-designed home extension, outdoor deck or home renovation can refresh an old and tired looking home to revitalise and bring it up to date.

Joining two separate rooms together like your kitchen and dining area through a few simple indoor home renovation techniques or creating outdoor dining areas to intrinsically alter the functionality of your home will all help to bring your house in line with current lifestyle and design innovations.

5. Restoring your home to its original grace

Most critical in a successful home restoration is the maintenance of original style and grace of a period home while renovating and remodelling some areas to modernise its functionality.

Brisbane character homes are found in many suburbs of Brisbane, spanning nearly two centuries of home design. From early cottages of the late colonial period to Federation-era homes of masonry or timber or later 19th century styles, Brisbane has many homesteads with character that can be successfully restored by the Ascent Design and Build team of craftsmen while also enabling you to enjoy some of the luxury of modern amenities available today.

6. Extending your home as your family grows

You may love your home and everything it offers you but since deciding to have more children are feeling uncertain whether to move or how to make the most of your current living space as your family grows. Discussing the possibilities of extending your suburban Brisbane home with an experienced design and build company can bring you peace of mind.

There are many ways to make the most of your existing home without having to move. Adding an upper storey extension to provide additional bedrooms and a bathroom or extra storage space, growing your home outwards at ground floor level to open up your kitchen and living rooms or creating walkways and a well-placed patio with a pergola outdoors are all useful ways to extend your current living space.

7. Protecting your investment property  

You may want to extend your current home or make improvements to an investment property. Working with a professional design and build team from the start helps you to ensure quality workmanship and a successful build from start to finish. Ascent Design and Build carry out quality home extensions and home renovations that improve the value of your home.

Regularly giving attention to your home and keeping it up to date will ensure your home or investment property maintains a high market value year on year.

Contact Bruce Parke on 0404 010 307 to find out more about how to protect your investment and create a home that contributes to the enjoyment of all who live in it.