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Choosing the Right Design-Build Contractor

If you are thinking about or planning a home renovation, you may already have an architect’s plan or just a few ideas about how you would like to improve your Brisbane home.

What is crucial is to engage a company that support you throughout the entire process, people who listen to your wishes and preferences while performing the construction according to industry standard best practices.

The following are a few guidelines to choosing the right design-build contractor as you prepare to renovate or extend your home or outdoor living space.

1. Find out the market value of your home

Since you will be making structural changes with the purpose of adding value to your home, it is a good idea to find out the market value before and after the change is made. By consulting with Ascent Design and Build, every step is taken care of and you will quickly be able to establish how much value will be added to your home through your home renovation or home extension. There are also ways to save while increasing the value of your home.

2. Confirm the costs of the build upfront

An experienced and reputable design-build company will give you a fixed-price estimate once the design stage is complete as well as providing a step-by-step view of the design and build process. Signing a QMBA verified contract that includes all the details of the work to be performed will also help to prevent costs from escalating during the build.

Contracting with a building company that has over 20 years of Brisbane building experience will give you peace of mind through the course of the build. The only time the costs may vary is when the contract is varied. This may only be done by agreement in exceptional circumstances.

Be sure to ask for details. Will internal painting be included? Does the company provide a Construction Certificate? Are the Council damage deposit and the final inspection fee included? Will there be a pest inspection? Including cost allowances for the costs of items you will be selecting yourself will also help with reconciliation with the builder in the final account. Only proceed with the build once you are satisfied contingencies have been considered and any provisional sums agreed.

A responsible and accomplished design-build company will have thought of things like this already and will be doing everything to ensure you have a stress-free home extension experience.

3. Obtain warranties and ensure quality workmanship

Focusing on the finish is all about ensuring Quality techniques are being applied from the start. During the design stage you will have the opportunity to evaluate the attention to detail exercised by your design-build contractor. One example is to see whether or not your builder confirms measurements on existing plans.

Checking previous client testimonials and finding independent reviews is also useful. You may need to remove valuable belongings or fixtures like chandeliers during part of the construction phase. Make sure you discuss this in advance. The Ascent Design and Build team are experienced in home renovation and will assist you where necessary to ensure your peace of mind.

Obtain a minor defects warranty for a period of at least six months following the completion of your home renovation.

4. Find out how long the design and build process will take

The more experienced your design and build specialists are, the more likely it is that your home extension or home renovation will be completed on time and on budget.

Some of the reasons for renovating your home may include increasing your living space or adding new rooms for your family by creating a private granny flat or a peaceful parent’s retreat in a double storey extension. You may wish to create a leisurely outdoor area with patio and pergola.

Remember the scale of your home improvement may affect the duration of the design and build process and this is something you need to ascertain during the design stage.

Check the length of time your design-build company expects the work to take and include this in your signed agreement. From start to finish, your home extension or home renovation will usually be completed within twelve weeks. A quality contractor will make every effort to keep disruption to a minimum and only vary the time schedule if the contract is varied by agreement with you.

5. Keep clear lines of communication open with your contractor

Communication is the key to your home renovation or home extension being a success. Make sure you have agreed methods of communication with your design-build contractor and that he or a member of the home renovation team is available for any queries or concerns you may have as building progresses.

Contact Bruce Parke on 0404 010 307 to find out who you may contact in an emergency and obtain a back-up number for occasions when the person you need to reach is unavailable. Dependable design and build companies will already have thought of this as their aim is to offer you a reliable home extension service.