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Saving while Increasing the Value of Your Home

Whether you already have an architect’s plan or you are looking for a qualified team that can take care of the details from start to finish, Ascent Design and Build can help you with bringing your home extension ideas to reality without breaking the bank.

 Appointing a single design and build company to manage the project from the design stage through to completion represents a significant saving in time, worry and value for money.

The following are some ways to ensure you make savings while increasing the value of your home through home extension, remodelling and home renovation.

1. Find a reliable home renovation specialist

An hour spent with a professional from a reputable design-build company can save you hours and dollars. Contact Bruce Parke on 0404 010 307 with any questions you may have about increasing the value of your home while keeping to your budget.

The focus of a professional design and build company is different from that of an architect. You can significantly reduce the costs of your home extension project by consulting with a full-service design and build company. A team with many years of experience in evaluating living spaces for utility, flow and appearance can quickly help you accomplish your dream home.  

2. Aim to improve the efficiency of your home

By seeking to improve the way your home functions and responds to your lifestyle needs, you can save by making use of existing space that is under-utilised before spending on an extension you may not need.

There are beautiful and practical ways to enhance your home, increase its worth and living space without having to make major structural changes to your home. Consider for example, creating a dining area outdoors that can be protected from inclement weather in a number of ways including with the addition of a pergola and sheltering walls or glass enclosing.

3. Consider long term gains

Deciding to use only quality materials during your home renovation will save you both time and money in the long term. In the same way as Choosing the Right Design-Build Contractor will ensure the success of your home renovation, considering long term gains will ensure you enjoy the results for years to come.

For example, using pre-treated hardwoods and quality stainless steel fixings in the building of your outdoor deck. You will reduce the time spent on do-it-yourself maintenance and repair or money spent to hire a contractor later on, as well as saving on the purchase of products you might have needed if you bought lesser quality materials.

In many instances, considering the effects of the weather or wear and tear and safety aspects as you progress to the building stage of your home extension will help you see the significant benefits to using quality techniques and finishes through every stage to realise long term gains.

4. Make the most of your contractor’s experience and sources

The advantages of appointing Ascent Design and Build, a well experienced and respected design-build company are many. First among these is having a reputation for quality workmanship and the ability to complete your home renovation on time and on budget.

Part of the reason for our success is our ability to source quality materials at discounted prices. We can significantly reduce the overall costs of your home renovation because we are well connected.

By tapping into the knowledge and expertise of Ascent Design and Build, you can be certain of Quality, Without Compromise.